MaKaZoe Jewelry pieces tell a story of undying love, passion, and the deep connection we all share with our ancestors. Zoe Juanita Beatty’s vision of interpreting the work of ancient cultures with a modern twist is brought to life in her jewelry.

With a fondness for nature and a love of shiny objects combined with a burning desire for a viable form of self-expression, Zoe Juanita Beatty became a jeweler in order to fulfill her passion. After an early introduction to metalsmithing at Shady Hill School when she was ten and a workshop at the North Bennet Street School at the age of twelve, the seeds were sewn for MaKaZoe. With love for the process, for excellence, and for creating beautiful wearable pieces that have the power to transform the wearer's state of mind, Zoe brings her perspective to life at the bench. Jewelry is a unique form of expression that connects us with our past, roots us in the moment, and gives us something beautiful and communicative to pass along to generations to come. MaKaZoe pieces are inspired by nature and formed from elements that come from the earth to ultimately form or become contained within a precious piece of jewelry.

At MaKaZoe Jewelry you will find one of a kind, limited production pieces, and custom work. Please see the custom section of this website for information about custom orders, or the contact page for general inquiries. Thank you for taking the time to look at the work displayed here. There is more to come, so please check back frequently and take the time to follow us on social media.